some about the original

The Sdkfz 222 was built between 1935 and 1943 and modified five times
It was manufactured, among others, at Weserhütte Bad Oeynhausen
About the manufactured quantities there are different information. But an indication of a relatively high number of pieces could be that in March 1945, more than 350 Sdkfz 222 were present (according to Lexikon der Wehrmacht).
Even today, some copies are still available. The best known is probably the vehicle in the former "Littlefield" collection.

Some technical data:
Chassis: Einheitsfahrgestell mit Heckmotor fur schwere PKW, manufacturer Auto-Union
Engine: 3500 cc Horch V8 75 hp (version A), 3800 cc Horch V8, 90 hp (version B)
Drive: four-wheel drive
Wheelbase: 2800 mm
Track width: 1610mm front, 1640mm rear
Tires: 210-18 off-road tires
Length: approx. 4800 mm
Width: approx. 1950 mm
Height: approx. 2000 mm
Armor: sides / rear 8mm, front 14.5 - 30mm
Armament: 2cm KWK 38
MG 34